"After discovering the CoZzzy Comfy fundraising organization, I have brought the program to my children’s school and to my favorite charity - the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. We have easily succeeded in raising a lot of money. Three very important facts about CoZzzy Comfy - their linens are of great quality, fantastic price and truly very soft. The staff at CoZzzy Comfy is a pleasure to work with. The ordering and delivering of linens are both simple and efficient. Our family and friends continue to ask “are you still selling the CoZzzy Comfy sheets and can I order some more?"
Carole G. - Tucson, AZ


"When I first heard of CoZzzy Comfy sheets, I was not sure what my chapter would think about selling sets of sheets; however, this company has been wonderful to work with and always ready to answer questions and provide their support. The sheets we received were beautiful, not only in color, but the fabric was so soft and inviting. I have had so many of our customers come back for more sets and I would recommend this company to anyone to use as a fundraiser. I look forward to working with them in the future."
Phyllis W. – Hutto, TX


"What a fun, easy fundraiser for ANY organization! The CoZzzy Comfy bed linen fundraiser was completely stress-free! The helpful staff, the order packets with all information in color print, the top-notch communication, and the product samples made my job as a teacher simple. I highly recommend the CoZzzy Comfy fundraiser to any organization looking to raise money quickly and easily. We will continue to use CoZzzy Comfy in the future!"
Amy J. – Lawton, OK


"I have had the pleasure of working with CoZzzy Comfy twice to raise funds for two different organizations! The program itself is a breeze to market - we worked with Penny and she made everything so easy. Customers from all over the country are able to simply log in and purchase with the click of a mouse, and the linens are absolutely amazing! Our families rave about the product - what a great way to raise funds buying something that every family needs anyway! Thanks for everything, we are already planning our next fundraising drive with you!"
Joan W. – Bolingbrook, IL


"Name one person who likes doing fundraising for their school/charity. We were sick and tired of selling overpriced cheaply made products. In fact, we would rather donate money directly than sell this junk to our friends and family. We never met a worthy fundraiser until we ran into CoZzzy Comfy sheets. Our marching band asked us to sell the sheets and we found three things about this product. The price is fantastic with our band receiving $10 per set sold. The product is as advertised; clearly a quality product. Lastly, the CoZzzy people stand behind the product. We have sold nearly 400 sets of these sheets to date and had only one quality issue that was solved at no expense to us. We have returned to this fundraiser multiple times due to requests from our friends and family for additional sets of sheets. We have happily done so and the band has profited greatly. The bottom line is that this is the best, most useful fundraiser we have ever encountered and recommend it to all."
Mike and Tracey K. – Marrietta, GA


I have been very pleased with not only the wonderful product but, the customer service that my organization has received. Our customers that buy the sheets from us are sooooo pleased with the wear and softness of the sheets and pillow cases. The rich colors that are offered are met with Awe's. As a fundraiser organizer, my account manager has been super in return calls and emails. She is willing to help in anyway for ideas for selling and promoting this wonderful product. Thanks again for all you do CoZzzy Comfy.
Suzanne B. - Charleston, SC    

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