About Us

About Us

Christy Tyldesley

Hello! My name is Christy, and I am the owner of CoZzzy Comfy. I want to share with you the story about how CoZzzy Comfy came to be. 

In 2005, my husband and I were introduced to a foster care agency as we searched for a way to have our own child. It is through this organization, that we were blessed with our first son. This agency touched us in ways that words cannot express and we wanted to show our true appreciation. After researching various means, we decided to host a fundraiser for them - yes, a bed linen fundraiser! After doing so, other local, non-profit organizations started asking us to help them through this fundraiser to meet their financial goals. It is from here that our own company was born! 

The goal of our very first fundraiser for the foster care agency was to help and give back to community. My promise to you is that this initial goal will always be the priority for CoZzzy Comfy. We keep this promise by offering exceptional customer service, by offering a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, and by keeping the company’s own profit margins low so that we can continue to offer a very successful fundraiser for you with a high quality, yet below retail value, product. 

Now, a few years later and with two more adopted children, I am so happy that CoZzzy Comfy has helped community-based, non-profit organizations across the country. We would be delighted to help you with your fundraising needs too! Please feel free to use our Contact Us page to reach out to us.


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